Lotions by Madame Phoenix


Hand and body lotions are easy, gentle magic that can be used daily to incorporate a specific energy into your regular routine.

Use these as part of a larger piece of spell work or on its own- the perfect easy way to include a little magic in your life on a daily basis!

Madame Phoenix lotions are light, fast absorbing and won’t leave you feeling greasy or your skin heavy. A small pea sized dab at a time goes a long way! VEGAN!


~Circle of Protection: Perfect for use after an aura cleansing bath, to protect against unwanted energy returning to your energy- or as a subtle way to shield against negativity in the workplace; wear it on your feet to keep you spiritually safe as you go about your day. 

~Healing: Soothe your body and refresh your spirit with this healing lotion. Designed to help you deal with cold and flu season with grace, aplomb and no little bit of self- care. 

~Lucky Hand: Enjoy use this warm, lucky smelling, Inviting and aromatic lotion on your hands- or all over! 

~Peace: Soften your skin, soothe your troubled spirits, calm your heart and relax your mind with this body lotion. Use daily after bathing to face the day calm and relaxed!

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