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Tarot & Oracle

We are proud curators of some of the world’s most unique Tarot Cards & Oracle Decks. Welcoming collectors of limited edition decks that consist of stunning artwork, as well as traditional decks. Available here in our online store, or visit our Toronto location to find a deck that speaks to you.

African American Tarot -

African American Tarot

Afro Brazilian Tarot -

Afro Brazilian Tarot

Angel Prayers Oracle Cards -

Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

Animal Totem Tarot -

Animal Totem Tarot

Aquarian Tarot Deck -

Aquarian Tarot Deck

Bianco Nero Tarot -

Bianco Nero Tarot

Celestial Tarot -

Celestial Tarot

Cleopatra Tarot -

Cleopatra Tarot

Cosmic Dancer Oracle -

Cosmic Dancer Oracle

Divine Guidance Oracle -

Divine Guidance Oracle

Elemental Power Tarot -

Elemental Power Tarot

Epic Tarot Deck -

Epic Tarot Deck


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