Mawu Necklace, by Maua

Colour: Orange

Traditional Masaai tribe beads necklace,  supporting women artisans. 

From Kenya

MAUA << Ma-ooh-ah >> Swahili word meaning: to flower, blossom, bloom.

MAUA is a sustainable brand empowering & supporting the growth of traditional crafts. MAUA is based on the principles of fair trade and empowerment. It is far from fast fashion. Hand made and woven with story. MAUA is ethically sourced fro wild and beautiful places around Africa.   @maua_boutique


~African Goddess Mawu~

Mawu is the Creator/Moon Goddess known among the people from the Dahomey region of West Africa, the female aspect of the divinity Mawu-Lisa. She is associated with the moon, night, fertility, motherhood, gentleness, forgiveness, rest and joy.

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