Hand Sanitizer by Madame Phoenix

These all natural hand sanitizers come in three different scents, each one lending the strength and power of a different essential oil. All Madame Pheonix's hand sanitizers are biodegradable, a great all natural way to disinfect and kill harmful germs. 

Frankincense - antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, eases coughs and colds, uplifting, relaxing, sanctifying, cleansing.

Mint - mental clarity, easing anxiety, depression and stress, anti-inflammatory, relieving asthma and lung congestion.

Lavender - easing headaches and joint pain, anxiety, bringing in peace, purification and protection.

Unscented- pure cleanliness.

4oz bottle, Vegan. Contains 90% high density alcohol and food grade aloe vera.

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