Cultivating Our Soul - A New Spiritual Psychology


Who are we really, behind the mask? How can we develop the infinite potential present within us? What are the causes of our suffering, and how can we overcome them? Cultivating our Soul explores the basics of a profound human psychology that is both disarmingly simple and vast in its scope, encompassing our physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. Many people today are seeking to reconcile the material side of their lives with a more essential, spiritual dimension; this book provides the knowledge and tools for finding the right balance between our outer and inner life.Cultivating our Soul examines the mechanisms of our psyche, including.- our requirements and demands, source of dissatisfaction- the mechanism of preserving our self-image, how we want other people to see us- how we identify ourselves with one tiny part of our personality- the self-tranquilizing mechanisms that veil our consciousness- negative emotions, the main source of conflicts, fatigue, and sufferingThe book provides a multitude of practical exercises which we can apply in our daily lives. Clear, simple, and direct, Cultivating our Soul presents the basics of a new spiritual psychology that reconciles the religious traditions and spiritual paths of the past with recent knowledge, including the contributions of Gurdjieff, Freud, and Jung, among many others.We learn in an eminently practical way how to take our lives in hand, begin freeing ourselves from suffering, and develop the deep potential that has always been within us.Includes an introduction to the Enneagram and Dervish Yoga.

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