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Visionary art culture is growing and evolving with modern day digital tools, opening new possibilities to dive deeper into the realm of expression. We’re delighted to be ambassadors to some of the most talented artists in this genre. We look forward to sharing more visions through their dedicated efforts to extend our collective imagination.


Books & Divination

The ‘words’ themselves act as fundamental tool for self reflection and examining consciousness. Communication of information is the principal mechanism to the thoughts of the universe, creating meaning through symbols and sounds and expressing shared intentionality. As we transcend the limits of what was thought to be possible, new maps of meaning emerge from uncharted territories. Our selection of books connects us with recent publishings on theories and information by authors exploring various subjects in the spectrum of alternative thinking.

Tarot Cards | Oracle Cards | Ascension | Astrology | Bibles | Chakras | Crystals | Dreams | Eastern Thoughts | Energetics | Entheogens | Exploration | Gaia | Gardening  | Growth | Holistic | Landscapes | Language | Mathematics | Mystery Schools | Narrative | New Earth | New Science | Nutrition | Parenting | Physiology | Planetary | Recommended | Sexuality | Shakti | Shamanism | Sustainability | The Shift | Wooden Series | Yoga

Clothing & Jewelry

Alternative Thinking represents international designers from many corners of the world. All hand-made in the select shops of Bali, Indonesia where there is a long tradition of quality craftsmanship with fine fabrics. The designs are influenced by  sacred geometry, crop circles and ancient symbols as well as earthy, forest like elements. There is a level of resonance that radiates when wearing these designs. An avatar forms, as a reflection by communicating a frequency of the designs.

Women Tops | Women Dresses | Women Bottoms | Women Intimates | Men Tops | Men Bottoms | Accessories | Jewelry | Footwear | SALES


Crystals & Gems

Our mission with surrounding ourselves with crystals is founded in the desire to create a greater sense of beauty. Crystals are a reflection of the index of possible colours and formations that signify the essence of creative forces. Embedded with the formation, is a code or signature of its energy structure providing a language into the natural world and a connection to the matrix of earth.
These are only available in store: Agate | Amazonite | Amber | Amethyst | Ammonite | Angelite | Apatite | Apophylite | Aquamarine | Aragonite | Aventurine | Azurite | Bismuth | Bronzite | Calcite | Carnelian | Cavansite | Celestite | Chabazite | Chalcedony | Chalcopyrite | Chiastolite | Chrysocolla | Citrine | Copper | Desert Rose | Emerald | Epidote | Eudialyte | Fluorite | Fossil Coral | Fuschite | Galena | Garnierite | Goldstone | Halite | Hematite | Heulandite | Howlite | Iolite | Jade | Jaspe |Jet | Kyanite | Labradorite | Lapis Lazuli | Lemurian Quartz | Malachite | Meteorite | Mica | Moonstone | Moqui Marbles | Obsidian | Onyx | Opal | Orthoceras | Pyrite | Quartz | Red Coral | Rose Quartz | Ruby | Scolecite | Selenite | Septarian | Serpentine | Shiva Lingam | Shungite | Staurolite | Tektite | Tiger’s Eye | Turquoise | Vanadanite


Bulk Food & Nutrients

Based on the idea that hand-picked specialty products which offer: great nutritional value, minimal eco packaging, and clean pantry ready look results in a 'closer to the source' experience. Our unique product selection process allows for the highest end-value to the customer, with a focus on quality and density of nutrition. A one stop shop for organic bulk foods and various nutrients.

Oils & Sweeteners | Cacao & Coconut | Grains & Seeds | Herbs & Teas | Fruits & Nuts | Kitchenware | Mushrooms | Seaweeds | Sprouting | Tinctures | Nutrients | Powders | Spices | Snacks | Coffee

Holistic & Ambiance

A range of products covering essentials for a lifestyle based on holistic ideals. Ceremonial sacraments and tools are offered as well as products for home, including: decor, alter pieces, and kitchen, & bath products. An influence towards unique styles and locally sourced crafts with the intention to support a more conscious lifestyle with better alternatives. Amongst the crafts, we house a great collection of jewelry with styles including recycled materials as well as hand made pieces with silver and brass, and jewelry with crystals.

Sound Healing | Essential Oils | Ceremonial  | Zen Decor | Body Care | Goddess | Candles | Lamps | EMF 


 Cafe to Go

Our amazing plant based foods are available for grab-n-go enjoyment.
We have two large fridges at the front of our store that allows you to eat a nutritious meal when you need.


Opening as a used bookstore in 2010, thanksto customer response Alternative Thinking is manifolding daily. We all now have a catalyst into a world that is void of social and cultural restrictions, through a variety of platforms. Information about theories, research, experiments, and first-hand encounters are offered through an alternative range of products and services


Founded by the inspiration to support knowledge of a new paradigm in academic, social or general institutions; our customers are provided with the practical and objective ability to consider something new, evaluate the plausibility of the knowledge attained, and finally make their own conclusions for lifestyle choices.

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