Evolutionary Mission

An evolutionary mission to improve the quality of life, communication and relationships.

Innovating our world through thoughtful experience management, quality sourcing and community spirit.

We are connecting a diverse tribe of alternative thinkers, healers, creatives and evolutionaries who are turning up to create the future.

Alter8ing consciousness as we know it. Tune in, turn up and join the mission.

Guiding Principles

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interior of alternative thinking boutique

Alternative Thinking

Visionary Eco-Market

Empowering your wellness with thoughtfully sourced offerings to cultivate health, nutrition, wisdom, beauty and spirit.

A one-stop-shop for alternative thinkers, healers, creatives and evolutionaries.

Key product categories include books, health food, crystals and a range of lifestyle items.

Alter8ing the art of exchange with a holistic retail experience and product line to promote alternative thinking, healing and global evolution.

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Community Hub

A visionary venue designed to incubate human connection with a thoughtfully crafted environment to facilitate meaningful interactions in realms of wisdom, ceremony and celebration.

The community hub for alternative thinkers, healers, creatives and evolutionaries.

Alter8ing the art of connection and community spirit with an inspiring event space and innovative health bar.

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Growing Family

To this day, the business is owned and operated by Revaz & Mariam,
alongside amazing additions over the years to the Alter8 family!

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Admin Coordinator

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Retail Manager

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Inventory Coordinator

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Hugh Thomas

Hugh has been providing the foundation of knowledge for forming Alter8 by drawing upon wisdom cultivated from life-long self research. His website features poems, videos, articles and workshop listings.

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