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Plant Spirits - [shop_name]

 In her book Plant Spirit Journey, Laura Silvana writes:

  • Plants have a voice. They perhaps have many voices.

  •  In connecting with the many plants and flowers, we find the mystical aspect of the Divine grounded in a way that resembles the physicality of our own survival on earth.

  • Each and every plant maintains a level of responsibility for the earth and its inhabitants; it holds the space for evolutionary growth. In so doing, plants show us the road that leads to the kingdom of God. 

  • The interrelationships in the plant kingdom signify the interrelationships we have among the many different cultures here on earth. 

  • Although unique, we are all still one and connected with tiny strands of light, each of which breathes fire and air into the collective consciousness. We strive to work together to heal humanity, and each kingdom, be it animal, mineral or plant, serves Spirit in the same capacity. Truth follows energy. Energy follows love. Love follows oneness. In maintaining the truth that we are all one, we become part of the plant world and receive as many teachings as our consciousness will allow. 

Plant spirit teaching are indeed profound. Plants thrive on human love and mindful interaction, and they delight in sharing their knowledge with any respectful person who comes to them with an open heart. Here are a few of Lenka's ideas for you to try if you are ready to start connecting to plant spirit teachers today:

  • Take a walk. As you walk, really pay attention to all of the plants around you. Forests are my favourite place to walk in, the wilder the better, but you can walk in a park too. High Park is great, with its areas of dense growth, pond, zen gardens and blossoming cherry trees in the spring time. The Old Mill Marshes are nice if you prefer something well-tended... and then there's the Don Valley, which is so vast that it would take hours to even feel like you've explored any of it! Walk along a nice residential street if you have to. Lots of people have beautiful gardens these days. 

  • Go on a guided wilderness walk. There are plenty of these events being offered in Toronto, and all over North America. You can learn how to tell plants apart, and how to navigate in a forest.

  • Get house plants, if you don't already! In my experience, having plants in the home is not only important, but it is necessary. Even one plant alone is capable of bringing life into an otherwise cut-off house or apartment. They release oxygen into the air, and remind us that nature is all around us. 

  • Talk to your plants. Caress them. Gently trim or remove dead/dying leaves with a pair of sharp scissors. Read up about them! Is there any folklore surrounding your plant? Where does it occur naturally? Observe their daily and weekly cycles. Have the plant tell YOU how much water and sun it needs. If your plant looks sickly, it might be a willing receiver of some DIY energy medicine.

  • Find out if there is a community garden near you. Some buildings even have rooftop gardens. These designated areas typically provide public access to a patch of soil so that you can grow some plants for the enjoyment of the whole community.

  • Work with essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated oils derived naturally from plants through distillation. They carry the essence of the plants. That is, in my opinion, their primary mechanism of healing--through the interaction of the plant's essence with our ethereal body. Physically, they heal the body through the skin. Their particles are tiny enough to absorbed through our semi-permeable skin barrier. My favourite oils for uplifting my mood are orange and tangerine. If I want to calm down and increase my emotional sensitivity, I use a combination of rose and lavender. If I want to raise my vibration for meditation, I use sandalwood. When I want to cleanse my aura of impurities, I use palo santo. Everybody is different--try your own combinations.

  • Smudge. All sorts of plants have been used by tribal societies and modern cultures for thousands of years. My favourites are sage and palo santo. As with all the above, the main point of the activity is to cultivate a sensitivity to the plant teachings. Pay attention to how the plants make you feel--or even how you make them feel!

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