Theta Chimes


The chime can be played in many ways both naturally and manually. A light wind or breeze is sufficient to catch the sail and puts the tune at the choice of nature itself. When used as a hand held instrument the chime is easily manipulated into playing melodic passages. Grasping the chime gives the user a greater amount of control over the motion of the pendulum allowing the user to decide both the notes and the volume of the chime. Hold by the cylinder or hold by the string. Let it hang or make it swing.

Notes for each tuning by model:

Enlighten - E G B E G# B D E

Tranquility - G# A# C# F A# C D F

Serenity - C D# G G# A# C E G

Esoteric - A C# E F A C E F

Harmony - A C E A B C E

Ecstasy - B D E G G# B D F#

~Weight: 132 grams
~Size: 6.25 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide

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