The Yogic Manager: A Bridge Between Yoga-Vedanta and Management


The Yogic Manager is a business novel that was written to bridge Yoga-Vedanta and Management. The story is the medium by which several new frameworks, business models and management principles are explained. The author, Avinash Sharma, has incorporated the philosophies and teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Upanishads and Yoga Sutras. The book is a modern retelling of the ancient mythological epic, the Mahabharata, set in today’s world of business. The epic’s war of Kurukshetra has been recreated in the world of business at a consulting firm called Characterra Consulting. The protagonist is Arjun Atmanand who faces a crisis when his conscience clashes with the instructions of his boss and Characterra’s founder, Raja Sahamkar. To help him with his crisis, Arjun receives advice from Yogi, a being with supernatural powers. Arjun learns Yoga and Vedanta from Yogi, which he uses to build a bridge between Yoga-Vedanta and Management. Arjun develops a set of Yogic Management frameworks and principles that are the foundations of this bridge: 1. Reality-Consciousness-Bliss Framework 2. Knowledge Work Equation 3. Motive-Mind-Means Framework 4. Purposeful Life Framework 5. Principles of Yogic Management 6. Yogic Management Mantra By reading and studying this book, you will: —Start to challenge conventional ways of thinking about business and gain a new, holistic perspective of Management; —Learn the principles and frameworks of Yogic Management, which you can then apply immediately to your work; —Become a more productive knowledge worker by learning how to control and channel the power of the instrument of knowledge work, your mind; —Gain fulfillment through your work and, in the process, contribute toward the betterment of society and all life on Earth; —Gain practical advice on how to build physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual strength; —Live a balanced and purposeful life by going through the four phases prescribed in Yoga-Vedanta; and —Join, should you wish to, the evolution of Management, a movement that will elevate the human condition and restore harmony to an imbalanced planet The frameworks (as high resolution charts in full color) and other resources have been made available for free on the website.

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