The Raw Food Lifestyle: The Philosophy and Nutrition Behind Raw and Live Foods


Ruthann Russo has been a vegetarian and vegan for more than 20 years, and in 2007 became a passionate raw-food enthusiast. She brings that passion to the pages of this comprehensive introduction to raw and live food. In simple, encouraging language, she conveys a wealth of information, from the philosophy of raw-food nutrition, to how it affects the body, to how to transition from a regular diet to one that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
Using examples from her own life, Russo lays out a practical plan for making the switch that starts with realizing the need to change one's diet (and health), and then stresses small dietary changes to discover what raw foods work, and assessing reactions. She profiles cacao, raw sweeteners, water, pH level of foods, juices versus smoothies, salt, the process of dehydrating food, garlic and onions, and overall food preparation. Russo highlights what supplements (superfoods, vitamins, green products) to include in the diet. She emphasizes the spiritual aspects of the movement as well, exploring meditation, yoga, Buddhism, peacefulness, and fasting.
Biographical Note:
Ruthann Russo is a lawyer, educator, and health professional. A certified holistic health counselor with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University Teachers College, she has personally instructed more than 3,000 physicians in hospitals across the country. She lives in Center Valley, PA.

Review Quotes:
"This is an excellent, thoughtful, and comprehensive book. It catches the essence of raw food, which is that it is a total lifestyle that helps you become Alive. "The Raw Food Lifestyle" is an outstanding book for anyone who wants to understand the live-food way of life."
--Gabriel Cousens, best-selling author and founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
"What I love about "The Raw Food Lifestyle" is being walked through the process of shifting not only your diet but your lifestyle as well to better reflect caring for yourself and the planet."
--Terces Engelhart, founder of Cafe Gratitude
"[This] book is so great in presenting information in such a balanced, rational, and very clear and compelling way, addressing all sorts of confusions that people have regarding raw food. THANK YOU!"
--Sarma Melngailis, proprietor, Pure Food and Wine of New York City and author of "Raw Food/Real World
""Ruthann Russo's new book, "The Raw Food Lifestyle," creates a framework where raw food newbies can assess their values and see if the concept will work for them."
--"Creative Loafing
""["The Raw Food Lifestyle" is] an extensively researched book, and a complete overview of the raw and living foods lifestyle. It covers everything from the healing aspects and health benefits of raw/living foods, to the spiritual aspects and eco-friendly, sustainable living benefits... a good reference book and guide for the person who is new to raw foods or is wanting to gain more extensive knowledge on the lifestyle.""
--In My Mind's Zen Garden
""["The Raw Food Lifestyle"] is one of the most thorough and comprehensive books I've seen... One thing that's really cool in this book is the 'Your Story' section where [Ruthann Russo] gets you really considering your values, your vision and your mission and there's space in the book to write that in... If you're curious about raw food or a beginner, this book is for you. Get two! One for you and one to

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