The Lightfilled Relationship


'The Lightfilled Relationship' is about relating in the light. It is about seeing the truth in how we relate. It is about igniting our spiritual vision to see the truth in our relationships with others. It is about transforming unhealthy relationships with family, friends, partners, children, ourselves, addictions and people - into Lightfilled ones. Topics include lightfilled relating with: Inner and Outer Higher Realms, Children, Family Systems, Relationships, Higher Power replacements aka Addictions, and also explores how to relate to the Other Side in a healthy manner. This resource contains over 20 tools and meditations to assist, explore and heal relationships for ourselves and others. Inner child therapy, addiction recovery, diagnosing family system dynamics, Higher Powered relationships for couples and Mediumship are included in this training manual. Fine tuning your own relationship with your Higher Self and Spiritual Resources are included in assisting to create the kind of relationships that are in your highest good of your evolving consciousness. This book is recommended for anyone; considering marriage, about to embark on a committed relationship or working with couples. It is a delightful and inspirational book that invites the light into relationships and transforms us in the process.This is the 2nd in the series of 7 training manuals written for the Lightworker Practitioner Training . Author and creator of this training Michelle Lightworker lives and breathes Lightworking and her life's purpose is dedicated to projects assisting the evolution of consciousness towards love and light.

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