Tie Dyed Fringe Skirt/Scarf by The Fairies Pyjamas

Colour: Black Rainbow
Fairies are multi dimensional, multi tasking and multi in love with designs that can do multiple things…and the Tie Dye Wrap Fringe was a skirt, but now it’s a top and a scarf…
To wear as a skirt: wrap it low around your hips, with one side a little longer than the other, take the shorter end on top of the longer and tie the very ends together on the opposite side of your hips.
To wear as a top: literally tie the wrap behind your neck like a ‘bib’, then take some of the fringe on the side and tie those together behind your back.
To wear as a scarf: center the middle under your chin, then wrap each end around your neck and bring to the front.
Play with other ways to wear this beautiful organic cotton tie dyed wrap.

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