Leaf Pocket Hip Belt by The Fairies Pyjamas

Colour: Charcoal/Plum
Our clothing is all about freedom. We know that our fairy friends can’t be in their flow if they’re worrying about where they put their keys all the time, so we’ve given your belongings a loving and fashionable home in items like our Small Leaf Pocket Belt Pouch.
We’ve designed this hip-belt to be as minimalistic as possible while still retaining the versatility and style of our other storage solutions.  We’ve included pockets specifically for your smartphone, wallet, keys, and passport.  The large fold-out pocket even holds and unopened 12oz can of your favorite beverage!
We’ve intentionally designed our pockets to have a low, lay-flat, profile so as not to interrupt your rhythms while walking or dancing.  With four pockets (two of them zippered) in total, you would think you had an enchanted bag of holding around your waist.  The belt holds secure by means of three antiqued brass snaps.  These snaps and included belt slider ensure a comfortable fit across all waist sizes.  Extending the length of the strap also allows this belt to be worn across the torso as a satchel.

Material: Organic Cotton Twill with Leaflike Embroidery, Antiqued Brass Snaps, D-Rings and Waistband Adjustment
Care Instructions: Double-check to make sure all your belongings are out of all pockets. Hand wash garment in cold water and lay flat to dry to prevent wrinkling.
Our  Belt Bag comes in S/M (18”-36”/18cm-91cm)
or L/XL (30”-48”/76-122cm) waist sizes. 

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