Double Pocket Flower of Life Belt by The Fairies Pyjamas

Colour: Plum/Black

Fairies like the flower of life pattern because it represents that everything is connected and we are all in this huge fairy forest together. When fairies look at the flower of life pattern they feel good. And fairies also feel good when they have their personal collection of necessities organized and secured in their waist belt…

The Double Pocket Flower of Life belt bag is just like our Double Leaf Belt but with the flower of life embroidery: exact same shape and pockets.

You can fit a lot of oddly shaped items into this fanny pack. We’ve made a stop motion video below to really show how many items can fit into this amazing fairy pouch.

Let’s start in the very middle. Here is the heart shape, it rests on your lower back. It is a secret pocket (you can put a crystal in there) and it has a brass ring perfect for your spirit tail to clip onto.

On each side of the heart are identical curved V shaped pockets with pockets inside the pockets… Here is where the fairies organize their items. Flip the flap up to find the kind of sidecar ‘quick grab’ pocket. We like to put our hand fan in there.

Then behind that is a magnificent open pocket, it is the whole shape of the V. That is where the phone goes, the keys (probably opposite sides), even pens can fit in there. And then cleverly positioned into the body of the belt is the real deal zipper money pocket: that’s where the ID and cards go. Cause you know: you got to put your money where the zipper is.

Now you can cover and hide all these pockets with a flap and a snap. Nothing better than a snap to know its closed.

On the backside are two more zipper pockets. Here is where we stash ‘the wad’ and fairies they like to put their travel documents in there… you can access your passport but its hidden and zipped up, not to be exposed while your getting the phone or money out.

This is truly the Fairy Flower of Life Functional Fanny Pack.

Material: Organic cotton twill with ‘antique’ brass hardware

Care Instructions: take all your shells and crystals out. Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry not in direct sun light.

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