The Divine Spark: Psychedelics, Consciousness, and the Birth of Civilization

Best-selling author Graham Hancock and others explore the magic and mystery of consciousness.

This anthology is aimed at all those who are interested in the connection between consciousness, psychedelics and the development of humankind. Bestselling author Graham Hancock has been writing and speaking about this to audience's worldwide, including a controversial Tedx talk on ayahuasca and DMT, which some call the god molecule.

Graham Hancock leads the charge in this collection of the latest thinking on consciousness with a particular focus on the use of psychedelics to open up the realm of the supernatural. Leading minds including Dennis McKenna, Rick Doblin, and Rick Strassman illuminate the topic like never before.
Contributors include: Mike Alvernia, Russell Brand, David Jay Brown, Paul Devereux, Rick Doblin, Amanda Fielding, Nassim Haramein, Martina Hoffman, Don Lattin, Eduardo Luna, Dennis McKenna, Thad McKraken, Rak Razam, Gabriel Roberts, Thomas B. Roberts, Robert Schoch, Mark Seelig, Rick Strassman, and Robert Tindall.

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