The Coelbren Alphabet: The Forgotten Oracle of the Welsh Bards


 Devised by the infamous Welsh poet Iolo Morganwg, the Bardic alphabet called Y Coelbren has long been shrouded in mystery and controversy. The Coelbren has always seemed to hold great promise, but as long as nobody knew how to properly use the system for divination, it has remained nothing more than a relic of a bygone era . . . until John Michael Greer's recent realization of a key to its symbolic meanings.

The Coelbren Alphabet reveals the secrets of this esoteric alphabet, and restores the Coelbren to its rightful place as a powerful magical tool. Unlike the Ogham or runes, the Coelbren letters take their symbolic meanings directly from the sounds they represent, and from the shapes made by the mouth in the process of pronunciation. This book shows how to use this unique symbol system for divination, meditation, and ritual.

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