Tektite Pieces

Tektite is not really a gemstone--it's a form of natural glass (much like obsidian) caused by heat. Rather than the heat being from volcanos, however, the heat that makes tektite comes from atmospheric friction. Meteorites enter the planet's atmosphere and are pulled down by gravity--the friction caused by moving through the atmosphere at hundreds of miles per hour builds up heat in the meteorite. When the meteorite impacts, it spends that heat energy (and usually itself) into the local rocks. This causes the rocks to melt with the remains of the meteorite, creating tektites.

Some legends say that green tektites are emeralds from heaven. Their scarcity makes them valuable; in Europe during the middle ages, tektite was used as a good luck talisman, in jewelry and for trade.

Tektites, due to being a product of extraterrestrial phenomena, are associated with worlds outside our own. They are believed to facilitate communication with otherworldly realms and encourage spiritual growth. In some traditional societies, tektites are worn to promote fertility for both men and women.

Although not a birthstone, tektite is affiliated with the zodiac signs Aries and Cancer. It is often associated with the third eye chakra.

~Sizes: $3 pieces are approximately 1"-1.25"
            $5 pieces are approximately 1.5"-2"


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