Tao Flashes: A Woman's Way to Navigating the Midlife Journey with Integrity, Harmony, and Grace


Midlife is a journey, one filled with rough terrain, but it can be navigated with integrity and grace. Using the Tao Te Ching to explore the passage through midlife, Lisa G. Froman shares her flashes of wisdom to inspire women during this confusing and often tumultuous time. In Tao Flashes, she describes the duality of midlife, saying, "Just as we become wiser, more pliable, more beautiful, just as we begin to have clarity, we also begin to notice the signs of aging, the wrinkles, the sagging skin. At menopause, we battle hot flashes and watch as our bodies reshape themselves into something we may no longer recognize. "At the time when we are gaining power, we often feel we are losing our beauty. But the life lessons we wear on our faces are actually the subtle reminders of a rich and beautiful life executed with grace through times of pain and glory. "At middle age, we experience another paradox as we become freer, looser, yet somehow more serious about our lives, our purpose, our commitment to things and people outside of ourselves. "And as we discover what gives us depth and dimension, we can begin to embrace the light and the dark sides of our nature. That's when things get interesting."

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