Specularite (Hematite Ore)


Hematite blended with natural occurring Mica, is also known as Specularite. This stone ties your consciousness to the cosmos, bringing awareness to something greater, mixed with the strong essence of Hematite, a naturally grounding stone, this slab works to bring a subtle balance to the 'as above, so below,' complex.  Overall Hematite rules, & these traits can reflect greatly in the user, offering a protective shield to the user, building emotional stability, courage, strength, a deeper connection to earth, aiding in intense grounding & welcoming a heightened energy of mental clarity, especially during troubled times. Hematite is a powerful stone to use after an intense mediation, ceremony or ritual, to help bring the user "back down to earth," rather than being left with a vibrational high, which may later impact the quality of physical work & thoughts.

*may vary from image


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