Sonic Journey Concert by SOUL SOUND


On Monday November 21st join us at Alternity for a sonic journey concert hosted by SOUL SOUND featuring multi-instrumentalists Margo Free and Luc Dupuis!

Cozy up with a warm drink from Alternity's bar and enjoy being taken through a 432Hz sound healing journey that will vibrate every cell in your body. Leave feeling more in alignment with your truest self and highest timeline.

We will begin the evening with a grounding meditation and you will be guided to listen in presence to the concert style sound bath. You will be given a crystal to be charged with vibration and intention to take home and carry the essence of the experience with you throughout your day. Receive a full body vibrational realignment with the didgeridoo played by Luc and channeled vocals with messages for your unique healing journey from Margo. The journey will also include handpan, bansuri flute, native drum, crystal singing bowls, soundscapes and more!

Enjoy sitting on comfy bolsters or shift the energy through your body by getting up and intuitively flowing through movement!

There will be waves of music ranging from soft ambience to drumming, electric guitar and of course crystal singing bowl drones to finish off the experience. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Online: $45 (until 5pm Monday 21st)

Door: $55

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