Simple Wipes Bamboo Eco Pack

A fragrance-free wipe, we are offering this product due to the overwhelming demand. Simple and pure, this product is just the bamboo wipes with nothing else. Add a little water and the tab turns into an 8"x10" refreshing towelette.

Packaged in 35 unit rice paper bags with metallic printing. Similar to the Eco Pak packaging. Offered at a lower price point than our other wipes, this makes Simple Wipes more affordable for those who want the technology and the natural qualities of the dry wipe without the fragrance or therapeutic oils.
This item is a perfect match for:

1. A daily skin care ritual. The essential oils are both cleansing and toning for the skin and are specifically combined to help with acne, puffiness and irritation.

2. Refilling Travel Tubes for on the go, minimizing packaging and waste! Take Essential Wipes to yoga class, on an air plane, or at the gym to feel fresh and at your best any time!

3. Sharing with a family or group on outings such as a boat, picnic or a weekend camping trip.

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