Silk Bags by Light Seeds


100% Recycled

Size: Approximately 5"x 3 1/4"

Included with Light Seeds purchase over $150

These bags are handcrafted by the artist and her mother in their Toronto studio.

Luxurious silks left over from Custom Window Coverings (family business) are used to create these unique bags.

About the Artist:

I am Anja - the creator of Light Seeds.
My life journey has always been on the path of spiritual seeking, while the creative side of me was also present at all times.
While completing my Bachelor of Design, I felt a calling to explore my inner world on a deeper level. After my graduation, I was spending time in the Amazon forest and started working with sacred plant medicine, where I was reconnecting to nature and myself.
My perception was shifting, and while having the creative side within me, I was drawn to study different fields like yoga, energy healing, astrology and meditation.
Years went by and thru my practice, I was able to reconnect to my soul and discovered the true power of self-love. I learned that when we can fully love ourselves, we can tap into the same force that created the entire universe, with pure joy. 
After many years, the seeking of spirituality and my creative aspect were finally merged into one. That moment was the birth of Light Seeds jewelry!
My every creation is infused with the intention for you to fall back in love with your magnificent self. While my work is intuitive, I am also inspired by both modern and ancient teachers who spread the same message.
Please join me @light_seeds where I share my awakening journey, how I work with crystals and much more. 

Thank you for tuning in,

With love, 


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