Shamanic Quest for the Spirit of Salvia: The Divinatory, Visionary, and Healing Powers of the Sage of the Seers


Salvia divinorum has been used since ancient times by the Mazatec shamans of Mexico for divination, vision quests, and healing. Ross Heaven describes his in-depth quest to connect with the spirit of this plant teacher and finds that, beyond numerous health benefits, salvia's greatest strength may be its ability to connect us with our higher purpose.
Table of Contents:
Before We Start Dreaming Together . . .
"The Origin and Purpose of This Book"
1 "Salvia divinorum," The Shepherdess
An Introduction to Diviner's Sage (The Shepherdess), Its Shamanic Uses, and Its Contemporary Form, Salvinorin A
2 The Quest in Peru
Beginning the Shamanic Exploration of Salvia (Salvinorin 20X Concentrate) in Iquitos - The Search for the Spirit of the Plant and Its Applications for Healing - A Diet of Salvia and Its Use
with San Pedro and Ayahuasca
3 The Quest in Spain
Working in a Ceremonial Context (5X-100X Concentrate) - Using the Mesa - Ritual Experiences and the Beginning of a Dialogue with Salvia
4 Continuing the Quest in Spain
Salvia Healing: A Client Study - Repeating the Diet and the Application of Salvia for Healing Anxiety, Depression, and Addictive Behavior (5X Concentrate and Leaves)
5 Plant Spirit Wisdom
Bringing Questers Together - The Experiences of Participants in Salvia Ceremonies (5X and 20X Concentrates)
6 The Questing of Others
Accounts from Salvia Users in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Greece, and Spain (Various Concentrates)
7 The Teachings of The Shepherdess
Threads and Themes from the Path of Sage - Exploring the Evidence Based on the Accounts of Nearly 50 Users and Almost 100 Trip Reports - What Is Salvia Telling Us? - How Does It Heal? - How Should We Interact with It? - Its Messages for Humanity
8 Dieting The Shepherdess: A DNA Fantasy
The Purpose of the Ally and the Dietary Encounter with Ska Maria
9 The Nature of the Ally: Some Questions
On Reflection, a Summary: What Can You Expect from Your Meeting with The Shepherdess?
10 Loose Ends
A Note on the People You've Met in This Book
Postscript: The Third Salvia Diet
Appendix: A Dictionary of Salvia Symbols
About the Author

Biographical Note:
Ross Heaven is a psychologist and healer with extensive training in the shamanic, transpersonal, and psychospiritual traditions. The author of more than 10 books, including "Plant Spirit Shamanism" and "Cactus of Mystery," he teaches workshops on shamanism and plant medicines and coordinates trips to Peru to work with indigenous shamans. He lives in Spain and the United Kingdom.

Review Quotes:
""Shamanic Quest for the Spirit of Salvia" enriches its readers with a fuller picture including art works of both the author and others, diverse personal experiences, rich quotations from others' works, history, healing and rituals from South America and Europe."

Review Quotes:
"Absolutely LOVING the "Shamanic Quest for the Spirit of Salvia"! FANTASTIC work; really advanced shamanic knowledge, Our species really needed this book!"

Publisher Marketing:
The first practical guide to the transformative uses of salvia
- Explains how salvia connects you with your higher purpose and aids you in envisioning your unique path in life
- Describes appropriate methods of use, a shamanic diet to increase effectiveness, and the meaning of the symbols experienced during salvia's ecstatic embrace
- Explores recent clinical research into salvia's long-term positive psychological effects and its potential as a treatment for Alzheimer's, depression, and addiction
"Salvia divinorum" has been used since ancient times by the Mazatec shamans of Mexico for divination, vision quests, and healing. Known by many names--nearly all associated with the Virgin Mary, who has come to symbolize the spirit of salvia--this plant ally is now regarded as the most powerful natural hallucinogen.
Providing the first practical guide to the shamanic, spiritual, and therapeutic uses of salvia, Ross Heaven shares his in-depth quest to connect with the spirit of this plant teacher. He explores recent clinical research into its many long-term psychological effects, such as increased insight and self-confidence, improved mood and concentration, and feelings of calmness and connection with nature, as well as salvia's potential for combating diseases like Alzheimer's, depression, and even cocaine addiction.
Reviewing the traditional Mazatec ceremonies surrounding salvia's harvest and use, Heaven describes appropriate methods of consumption, typical dosages, and the shamanic diet he used to increase salvia's effectiveness. Examining firsthand accounts of salvia journeys from around the world, he decodes the meaning of the symbolic images experienced during salvia's ecstatic embrace and details the interplay between salvia and the lucid dreaming state. Comparing salvia to ayahuasca and the San Pedro cactus, Heaven explains that salvia's greatest strength as a shamanic plant ally lies in its ability to connect you with your higher purpose and aid you in envisioning your unique path in life.

Contributor Bio: Heaven, Ross
Ross Heaven is a therapist and workshop leader in personal development and healing whose books include "Vodou Shaman, Darkness Visible, Spirit in the City, " and "The Journey to You." He teaches Darkness Visible workshops internationally and lives in England.

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