Self Coaching with Logosynthesis: How the Power of Words Can Change Your Life


Are you interested in exploring your full potential and overcoming the challenges of your everyday life?

Do you want to lead a truly satisfying and meaningful existence? Maybe you're looking for a simple but highly effective formula that can help you to feel better in any situation?

Self-Coaching with Logosynthesis(R) reveals how to apply the revolutionary Logosynthesis model and create a new reality through the power of words. Logosynthesis was developed by renowned coach and psychotherapist Dr. Willem Lammers and represents a major advance in the evolution of self-coaching.

The book is easy to read and includes powerful exercises for solving everyday problems. It also features fascinating, real-life illustrations of Logosynthesis in action. You'll learn how to move beyond disturbing memories, fear-inducing fantasies and limiting beliefs - and eventually take control of your life and stop suffering.

Are you stressed out by everyday distress? Logosynthesis can give you insight into your situation and help you to work out new options.

Do you feel stuck in your current routines? Remove blockages and move on with assistance from the power of words.

Want more healthy and meaningful relationships in your private and professional lives? Release emotional baggage and resolve patterns that are holding you back.

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