Sandalwood, Quandong Northern, 10% in Jojoba Essential Oil


Santalum Lanceolatum

Steam distilled from the heartwood of *sustainably harvested trees

Northern Queensland, Australia

Description: Also known as Desert Quandong, Northern Sandalwood, True Sandalwood and Burdardu. In the Marra, Alawa and Roper River Kriol languages it is called dumbuyumbu.

Aroma: Northern Queensland Sandalwood Oil has a woody earthy aroma with a soft gentle hint of honey and spice that is comparable to Santalum spicatum.

Common uses: The aromatic oils in the wood are highly valued by illegal traders supplying perfumery markets, while this oil is harvested under a Protected Plant Harvest Licence Australia.

Quandong trees possess an aromatic wood that is traditionally used by aboriginal people in smoking ceremonies. It is honoured within the 'Burndad song cycle' of the northwestern countries.

Australians prize the quandong fruit also known as wild peach. Amongst Australian aborigines Quandong leaves and fruit are valued as for both internal and external medicine. A tea is drunk as a purgative. Quandong tree roots are also ground down and used as an infusion for the treatment of rheumatism. Typically Quandong leaves are crushed and mixed with saliva to produce a topical ointment for skin sores and boils. Encased within each Quandong seed is an oil rich kernel which is also processed in a similar fashion to treat skin disorders. Quandong fruit and kernels are also eaten and some tribal groups employ crushed kernels as a hair conditioning oil.

Leaves are burnt to drive away mosquitoes. Cribb (1981).

* Usan Wood is committed to a sustainable sandalwood culture. Sandalwood is harvested under a Protected Plant Harvest Licence Australia.

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