Roasted Yerba Mate

Ilex paraguariensis

Yerba Mate (we offer either cut & sift or tea blend cut) belongs to the Aquifoliaceae family, which is originally from the subtropical regions of South America, but is also present in the southern region of Brazil, and in the northern regions of Argentina and Paraguay. It was first consumed by the indigenous Guaraní and Quechua people who drank tea made from the leaves. In present-day South America (particularly Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, and southern Brazil), yerba mate continues to be a widely consumed staple and is a celebrated part of everyday culture.

Mate has been claimed to have many positive effects on human health. In some cases it has been shown to be useful as a weight loss tool, to improve the mood, and increase mental energy and focus. 

Mate is most commonly prepared as a tea. Traditionally, it is drunk from an apple-sized, hollow gourd (called mate in Spanish), through a metal straw (bombilla), refilled, and passed along. It is made by filling the gourd ¾ full with the dried leaves and then covering it with water that is hot but not boiling. Sugar may be added if desired. Mate can also be prepared with cold water or lemonade (called tereré).

Internationally, mate is enjoyed as a tea, in the traditional vessel or in tea bags. It has a bitter, yet refreshing flavor and is a well-balanced stimulant that provides energy and nutrition. The caffeine content of yerba mate varies between that of green tea and coffee. It can be prepared with milk, honey, lemon, mint, and many more delicious combinations.

Store sealed in a cool, dark, dry place.

Certified Organic
4oz or 0.5lb/8oz

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