Resume of a Mystic


Resume of a Mystic is a poetic collection of unconventional thoughts that have led one woman's journey to ultimate love. Written with bold honesty, the work guides readers through the two extremes of love and fear, revealing a perceptual reality steeped in intriguing dualism. The author expresses an inter-subjective analysis to inspire insights into the deepest wells of human nature. Drawing on the teachings of the likes of Spinoza, Hegel, Jung, and Singer, this philosophical treatise aims at illustrating the finer points of mind, perception, intuition, and thinking. Integrating elements of the natural sciences and mysticism, it establishes a holistic conception of the world grounded in the idea of conscious evolution. Lastly, this book represents a personal account of a female immersed in the mythical journey of the twin flame, progress towards the finality of unconditional love, and a call for courage to all who are ready to embrace their inner mystics and warriors with service to a higher evolutionary purpose."

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