Reiki Shamanism: A Guide to Out-Of-Body Healing

Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of either Reiki or shamanism will learn how to heal people, places, and things, whether at hand or from a distance, in this useful guide. Presented by an expert in both traditions, the techniques of Reiki and the principles of shamanism are explained in simple, concise terms, then brought together using real-life examples to show how Reiki can be practiced within the shamanic journey. Supported by mastery exercises, references to other books, and internet resources, both novices and experienced practitioners will expand their knowledge and ability to help subjects clear old energies and accelerate their "soul purpose."


Review Quotes:
"Accessible and comprehensive . . . an inspiring book for practitioners and a delightful introduction to those beginning a healing quest." --Dana Robinson, certified shamanic counselor and faculty member, Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Review Quotes:
"From his heart he shares what our ancestors have lived since the beginning of time: to be one with our Mother Earth and to heal each other." --Melynda Ruckels, RN, PhD, faculty member, the Ritberger Institute; and board member, Healing Hands Healing Hearts

Review Quotes:
"Jim is a voice for the Earth, giving us much needed inspiration and information about living in harmony. And he is, as I consider myself to be, a practical teacher in the realm of Spirit. . . . A marvelous guide." --Brooke Medicine Eagle, author, "Buffalo Woman Comes Singing"

Biographical Note:
Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi, in Cherokee) is an accomplished journalist, sought-after teacher and lecturer, and acclaimed innovator in energy work. In addition to serving as his community medicine man, he travels extensively, lecturing on shamanism, energy medicine, and Native American spirituality. He is the author of Clearing, Finding Sanctuary in Nature, and Healing Plants and Animals from a Distance. He lives in Lena, Mississippi.
The hands on manual to an out-of-body experience

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