Ravintsara Essential Oil


Cinnamomum camphora steam distilled from the leaves in Madagascar. Commonly known under the names camphor tree, camphorwood or camphor laurel. Also known as Ho Leaf Oil, Ravintsara Oil is often confused with Ravensara Oil or Ho Wood Oil. Ravintsara, Ravensara and Ho Wood oils are very different essential oils.

Aroma: Fresh, earthy, eucalyptus-like with woody and subtle peppery notes.

Common Uses: Influenza, Shingles, Supports the Immune System, Stress, Depression, Calms the Nerves, Promotes Sleep, Muscular Aches and Pains.

Colour: Clear
Consistency: Thin
Perfumery Note: Top
Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium

The aroma of Ravintsara Essential Oil is somewhat similar to Eucalyptus in some ways, but I find it to be greener. Aromatically, it blends especially well with Eucalyptus and oils in the wood, mint and citrus families.

Although Ravintsara Essential Oil is distilled from the leaves of the same plant that yields various camphor oils and crystals, camphor does not appear as a constituent within Essential Oil Safety or the various GC/MS reports that I've seen for the oil.

Ravintsara Essential Oil
Emotionally, the oil shows a lot of promise for use in helping to focus in the midst of stressful situations and for helping to calm the nerves.

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