Planetary Transformation: A Personal Guide to Embracing Planetary Change


Table of Contents:
Foreword -- Part 1. Planetary Transformation -- I. An Overview of the Coming Changes -- The Coming of the Light -- The Great Possibility -- II. Interdimensional Change -- The Effects of Interdimensional Change -- III. The Coming Age of Sounding-Light -- You Are a Being of Light -- Connecting to the Light -- The Science of Sound -- Working Together for the Light -- The Living Light in the Here and Now -- The Divine Plan -- IV. Interdimensional Awakening -- A Transformation in Human Consciousness -- Experiencing Interdimensional Awakening -- Watch and Stay Awake -- The Higher Reality -- Potential Crisis or Tremendous Opportunity -- V. The Presence of the Christ in the World -- The Three Aspects of the Christ -- The Awakening of the Planetary Heart -- VI. Planetary Initiation -- The Planet's Reaction to Initiation -- A Global Awakening -- The Opportunity for Humanity and the Planet -- VII. The Prophet and the Priest -- The Prophet Speaks of a World to Come -- The Source of Prophetic Revelation -- Understanding the Need for Transformation -- Part 2. Personal Transformation -- VIII. Living the Spiritual Life Today -- The Search for Reality -- The Real Spiritual Path -- The Stage of Doubt -- Finding Balance in Spiritual Life -- Dealing with Crisis -- Crisis is Rebirth -- IX. Peace, Power and the Light Within -- The Immediate Presence of Reality -- Turning Yours Attention Within -- Be In the World but not Of the World -- X. Chanting and Meditation -- What is Chanting? -- Devotion and Togetherness -- Purification -- XI. Meditation Techniques for the Evolution of Consciousness -- From Activity to Silence -- The Hamsah-Soham Natural Breath Meditation -- The Conservation of Energy -- From Duality to Oneness -- Listening to the Light Meditation -- Mantra Repetition in the Third-Eye: Om Namo Om Namah -- The Significance of Universal Vision -- XII. The Science of Death -- XIII. Conscious Death and Liberation in this Life Cycle -- Conscious Death -- Conscious Self-Liberation -- The Way of Return -- XIV. The Warrior of Light -- A New Reality -- The Cosmic Cross -- Becoming a Spiritual Warrior -- Our Responsibility as Human Beings -- Afterword -- Glossary -- Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide -- About the Author.
The coming years provide a tremendous opportunity for all of Mankind to awaken into higher awareness and for our physical planet to undergo an amazing transformation. To understand what that implies, we first have to understand the process of this fundamental transformation and what we can do about it. In Part One of Planetary Transformation, the author, working from the Higher Consciousness of a Spiritual Master and modern-day prophet, outlines the spiritual roots of the physical upheavals that are manifesting on Earth, providing deeper understanding for the true spiritual seeker. In Part Two readers are given practical meditation techniques that will raise their consciousness and help them deal with the coming changes. In the turbulent days to come, people will have a choice: Be one of those who are buffeted by events they do not understand. Or be one of those who know what is happening and who will work with the incoming energy of change to help turn planet Earth into an unimaginable world of Harmony, Love, Peace and Unity.

Contributor Bio: Vallyon, Imre
Imre Vallyon was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1940. At the age of 16, he emigrated to New Zealand, where he still lives with his wife and teenage children. Of a keenly religious nature, he immersed himself in Yoga, Zen, Sufism, Catholicism, Eastern Mysticism, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and Psychology.

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