Petrovsky Shungite Pieces


Shungite, as a natural material, can have a different chemical composition, depending on the place of extraction and the age of the stone. In nature, the mineral is represented by three species: black, gray (silver), and brown. Above all, elite shungite is valued, thanks to the high carbon content (about 98%). The "Petrovsky" shungite contains a maximum of 75% of carbon. Due to such a high content - fullerenes, the adsorptive and disinfecting properties of the mineral sharply increase.

"Petrovsky" shungite is a unique beauty mineral possessing a silvery, glossy overflow and extracted manually. Therefore, its cost is much higher than usual shungite breed. Products made from such shungite can rightfully stand in line with precious stones, but the likelihood of stumbling upon a fake stone increases. The true product can be distinguished from the electrical conductivity (the mineral conducts electricity), looks like black glass, has light weight and does not stain hands.

Chakras: Root
Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer

From: Russia

*may vary from image

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