Peppermint Water Hydrosol Spray


Peppermint Mentha piperita: Cooling, cleansing and astringent it makes a great spritz for hot humid days and aching feet.

True Hydrosols:

Hydrosols are floral waters, hydroflorates… flower waters or distillates are products from steam distilling plant materials. Hydrosols are like essential oils but in far less of a concentration. Hydrosols are the pure natural water that is produced during the distillation process.

The plant material is placed into the retort (still) or distillation tank. The steam hits the plant, softening the scent or secretory cells releasing the essential oil that is contained within as a vapour. This essential oil vapour mixes with the steam and is separated again as the steam cools in the condensing tank. As the steam cools, the essential oil molecules separate from the steam (now as cooled water) and float on the water (except for the very few of them which sink) and the water, now is called the hydrosol, or sometimes, the hydrolat is syphoned off.

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