Our Love Is Our Power: Working with the Net of Light That Holds the Earth


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A tour de force! Engrossing and transforming. The reader shares Sharon's journey into the amazing world of the Grandmothers, come to anchor a new paradigm on the planet. -- Christan Hummel "Do it Yourself Space Clearing Kit, co-founder Earth Transitions"

Review Quotes:
In a world of turmoil we hear ancient voices of hope: the Grandmothers who gave light to the author and promise the same light to all who call to them. Not a distant light at the end of the path, but a "Net of Light" that will hold the planet and every heart -- James Farris, former Roman Catholic priest "Parents Who Love too Much"

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Return of God the Mother -- In Gratitude -- Chapter 1. Who is the Doer?: Each time you come together there is more power in the wings. -- Chapter 2. The Power of Yin: We breathe you; God breathes you. -- Chapter 3. The Net of Light Amplified: Single point of focus -- Chapter 4. Cover the World: Each one seeking position, probing for advantage, jealously guarding and at the same time tentatively exploring. -- Chapter 5. Taking On Power: You must take power-now! -- Chapter 6. Hold a Sacred Space: There is only one rock. There is only one God. The same rock/God underlies everything. -- Chapter 7. Take a Stand: Do not blow with the winds of change. -- Chapter 8. Dig In: Whenever you hold to the real, you strengthen the Net of Light that holds the world. -- Chapter 9. A Changed Woman: You can be a woman of enormous power and wisdom. -- Chapter 10. Everything is Beloved: Bloom as the Flower That you Are -- Chapter 11. The Winds of Change are upon You: There is no more powerful work you can do; this is the most important thing. -- Chapter 12. Moy, Man and Boy: The basic difference between a man and a moy is selfishness. -- Chapter 13. It is Time: This is the Kali Yuga, the Age of Destruction -- Chapter 14. Strengthening the Net of Light: Satsang, Communion of the Good -- Chapter 15. Gratitude for the World that Loves and Holds You Dear: Place of rest -- Chapter 16. Go Big and Then Go Bigger: The source has been hidden by the fog of illusion -- Chapter 17. The time has come when together we shall do great things: The message drawing you together is an unselfish one -- Chapter 18. The Grandmothers' Workbook: These are tools for furthering individual empowerment.
The Grandmothers are here. The Great Council, representing all cultures and races, has come to return the earth to balance, to restore the Feminine Principle, and bring the energies of yin and yang into harmony with one another. We will do this work primarily through individual women, the Grandmothers say. Women are the natural reservoirs of Yin for this planet and because the energies on earth are now shifting radically, women must lead. It can be no other way. Our Love Is Our Power chronicles the author's adventures with the Great Council of the Grandmothers as these wise women teach her how to infuse herself and the planet with the long absent energy of the Feminine Principle. The adventure with the Grandmothers continues. Our Love Is Our Power begins where Sharon McErlane's first book, A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak, left off.

Contributor Bio: McErlane, Sharon
Sharon McErlane has been a teacher and a Marriage and Family Therapist for more than three decades, teaching techniques for emotional and spiritual integration to guide people on their life's path. In 1996 while walking her dog beside the beach, the Council of the Grandmothers made themselves known to her, explained their mission, and proceeded to change her life. Since then she has passed on the Grandmothers' Empowerment into the energy of Yin to thousands of people, carrying the Grandmothers' message and lessons around the world. At present there are more than 150 Grandmothers' groups, spreading the Grandmothers' message in different countries, passing on their empowerment and working with the Net of Light that the Grandmothers say, "Will hold the world during these times of radical change that are now upon you." The Grandmothers messages and the locations of empowerment groups are posted at www/grandmothersspeak.com.

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