Oil Blends by Soulfire Sessions


Protection Oil: A shield against negativity.

Home Sweet Home Oil: For finding a new home.

Banishing Oil: Clears negative and stagnant energy.

Healing Oil: Let yourself be supported in healing.

Uncrossing Oil: Removes obstacles to peace and prosperity.

Passion Oil: Ignite fiery passion.

Booked and Busy Oil: Business is booming.

Blessing Oil: Welcome in life's sweetness.

Road Opener Oil: Open to new opportunities.

River of Riches Oil: For steady work and a safe home.

Victory Condition Oil: For good fortune and success.

Scales of Justice Oil: Positive outcomes in tough situations.

Money Honey Condition Oil: Draw money and good luck.


Made with sunflower oil, herbs, vitamin E, essential oils.

External Use Only

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