Crystal Oils by Madame Phoenix (Roller)


Each of these roll on perfumes is blended from essential oils that augment the crystals natural energy; the crystals included in the bottle, in turn, charge and empower the oils in a perfect magical union.

Stainless steel roller is easy to keep clean and rolling smoothly; apply to clean dry skin- apply gentle pressure at pressure points for acupressure therapy as well as to benefit from its aromatherapeutic and spiritual effects.


Well known for its aid in opportunity and manifestation. Called the stone of entrepreneurship, it aids in leadership, manifestation, opportunity and good luck.

~Quartz: The best all purpose crystal- a potent teacher, healer, protector and spiritual ally.

~Amethyst: Is wonderful for opening the higher chakras, enhancing dream vision and psychic work, spiritual protection and lucid dreaming.

~Rose Quartz: Is a gentle, loving energy that helps in healing and balancing your heart chakra, and attract loving energy to you.

~Tourmaline: Dispels negative energy, promotes objective awareness, banished fear and tension and helps us see the positive direction to move towards.

~Amberwood: Amber is the quintessential crystal of the witch - although not a crystal, but an organic treasure from the earth- fossilized sap from millions of years ago. With some beautiful warm woodsy base notes to bring out the depth and subtlety of the amber resins. Amber holds energy wonderfully- it holds the ancient wisdom of the prehistoric forests, teaching patience and rooted deep green witchery; stimulating healthy energy, altruism, magical ability, personal harmony and balance, and aligning your spiritual and intellectual sides.

~Hematite: Formulated to encourage grounding and practicality when dealing with materialistic concerns.

~Sodalite: Promotes logical, rational thinking- boosting intuition, encouraging truth and clarity, stimulating is to speak our truth, verbalize our emotional needs clearly and honestly.  

~Tiger's Eye: Formulated to amplify protection, courage, and good luck.

~Citrine: Infuse your personal energy or your home or business with citrines power to dispel negativity and to invigorate you- encouraging joy, wellbeing and increased willpower. What’s not to love?

***As with all Madame Phoenix oils, this is mixed with pure essential oils which have a potent effect on the human body and may not be suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding!

About Madame Phoenix:

Madame Phoenix products are hand made in Canada by spiritual practitioners of the magical arts. We use only the highest quality, earth friendly, fair trade, natural ingredients.

Madame Phoenix has been a practicing occultist for over 25 years. Witch, High Priestess and healer; She firmly believes in the potential of the human spirit to triumph over adversity and to seek balance, renewal and evolution throughout life.

**while all Madame Phoenix products are made from time honoured traditional natural ingredients long used for the magical purposes listed, we can in no way guarantee or assure a specific outcome.

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