Nomada Project: Vol. 5 ~ Tamar/Jaash/Demetri/Spookyfish/Win

Nomada Project celebrates both the organic sounds of live music and the pulse of the deep electronic beat. Prepare to be taken on a sound journey around the globe at Alternity - a beautiful space that lends ambiance and relaxation.

This is a space to gather, unwind, to connect, share, and dance.

Come celebrate our one year anniversary with us! For volume 5 we welcome back the enchanting sounds of Tamar and Jaash, an incredible flamenco percussion experience, alongside DJs Spookyfish and Win.


Tamar Ilana, Demetri Petsalakis and Jaash Singh have been playing together since 2011, when they founded the world music fusion project Ventanas. Together, they have toured across Canada and the States, recorded on various albums, and played countless live shows, festivals and concert venues. In this intimate show, watch as they transform their sound from acoustic roots vibes, to an exciting blend of live looped vocals, EDM beats, electric oud and wild darbuka solos - all, of course, with the flare of flamenco!

△ Spookyfish (DJ set)

Spookyfish has been on the scene for quite some time, pushing boundaries within the experimental/downtempo world. Her productions show off her skills in sound manipulation and musicality, blending obscure electronic sounds with the familiarity of acoustic instruments. She recently found a passion for dance music and has been tirelessly exploring the world of Bass, House, and Minimal Techno to bring forward in her DJ sets. Expect to be moved with a tasteful mixture of styles when she hits the decks.

△ WIN (DJ set)

Win weaves together a unique mix of world fusion, downtempo electronica, and deep house into her sets. Inspired by the rhythms of the globe, she blends cross-continental grooves that will move you on a magical journey through sound.

△$15 in advance
△$20 at the door

*****We aim to create the safest space possible for all attending. There will be zero tolerance for any form of harassment, sexism, racism, homophobia, or trans-phobia. Always ask for consent first!

We are all mutually responsible for upholding these standards of behavior. Please remember that harassment can be subtle, and be aware of the safety and comfort of the people around you. If you see someone who looks uncomfortable or upset, check in with them. Please take an active roll in intervening and/or getting help from organizers/staff if you witness harassment or if someone brings it to your attention. By respecting and supporting each other, we can create and maintain the fun and free vibe we all relish, and ensure a blissful experience for everyone!

See you on the dance floor!!

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