School of Psychedelia March 15th

The atmosphere you experience at Alternity is deeply inspired by psychedelic culture. We are returning to these roots with our new monthly gathering: 
The School of Psychedelia. 

This will be a connective place where psychedelic lovers, healers, evolutionaries and the vividly curious can come together to share mind-altering knowledge and connection. The evening will begin with a special speaker who will lead us into an illuminating discussion on psychedelic knowledge, with subjects such as plant medicine, clinical psychedelia, and the culture behind it all - and far more - being consciously explored. 
This wisdom transmission will then open up into a social event where we can continue to connect, explore and co-create the psychedelic culture together in our visionary space.

This month Talk:
Psychedelics: the healing, the industry, the contradictions. All the possibilities without the hype.  with Read Seraj

7:30 Mingle
8:00 Talk
9:30 Social & Networking
11:00 The End

About the host:

Raad operates at the trifecta of psychedelics, capital, and culture. Raad is the founder of Mission Club, an education platform that is mobilizing a global community of angel investors into the psychedelic ecosystem and investing in early stage startups developing a broad range of solutions using psychedelics. 
Raad is also the founder of Minority Trip Report, a podcast showcasing under represented views in psychedelics and mental health. 
By day he leads growth at Affinity, a San Francisco based startup building AI tools for venture capital. Before this, he spent more than a decade in climatetech and social impact, founding one of the world’s first technology accelerator for water, and creating a backpacking program that took sustainable fashion entrepreneurs from around the world to Bangladesh to learn about the fashion supply chain. 
As an artist and ardent advocate for underground culture, Raad founded Anda Residency, a non profit that occupied transient spaces all around Toronto and used immersive storytelling to explore complex urban issues like gentrification. Raad has a background in cancer research and was once a host for MuchMusic.

Alternity @ 333 Bloor Street West. 
Tickets: $15
Door: $20
About the venue:
A visionary venue designed to incubate human connection with a thoughtfully crafted environment to facilitate meaningful interactions in realms of wisdom, ceremony and celebration.
The community hub for alternative thinkers, healers, creatives and evolutionaries.
Alter8ing the art of connection and community spirit with an inspiring event space, an innovative health bar and a local crafts market & visionary art gallery.
Altenity offers a well curated selection of delicious, made in house, drinks and snacks. The food is plant-based, organic and packed with nutrients. 

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