Moon Calendar: Chart Your Cycle in the Rhythm of the 13 Lunar Months


Size~ 10x13"

Embody time in tune with our natural satellite.

Each time our planet orbits the sun, the moon completes 13 cycles around us. \

The word moon is derived from the proto-indo-european word mensis,meaning month. This calendar is designed to bring attention to these original months. conceived as a way to chart menstrual cycles in relation to the moon, it can be used to track anything you wish or simply used as a moon calendar. Be invited to create a legend, with your own variables, and mark it on the calendar.

By seeing all 13 cycles of the moon together, you can tune in to patterns, and have perspective on where you are within each cycle. The full moons appear on the outer ring, with new moons on the inner ring. The gregorian dates appear next to each full & new moon and each circle in-between represents one day.

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