Mahogany Obsidian Tumbled


As with all varieties of Obsidian, this Tumbled Mahogany Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass and can be found in areas with volcanic activity including Afghanistan, Japan, Mexico, South America, and parts of the western United States. Mahogany Obsidian is a deep reddish-brown with black inclusions. The distinctive coloring comes from high concentrations of iron.

Providing both grounding and protection, Mahogany Obsidian brings strength in time of need. It gives the wearer the ability to follow our own convictions even in the face of adversity and bringing strength in times of need. Work with Mahogany Obsidian when you want to reclaim your power.

A stone of reflection, this form of obsidian is said to help with inner reflection, mirroring our flaws while bringing self-acceptance, helping with decision making, and allowing us to make significant change in difficult areas of our lives.

~Size: Approximately 0.5"-0.75"

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