Deluxe Spell Kit by Madame Phoenix

$38.25 $45
~Sweet Dreams Spell Kit: do the very enjoyable work of a night time ritual to help you towards a good nights sleep. Complete with bath, crystal, aromatherapy spiritual linen and room spray, dream pillow and tea, along with full instructions, it’s the perfect gift to yourself or someone you love, when you’re going through a period of poor sleep, nightmares or night time restlessness.

~Love Blessing Spell Kit: 1 handmade votive candle, filled with an essential oil blend and topped wit organic flowers, 3 handmade incense cones, 1 vial of love essential oil blend, 1 parchment love talisman, 1 love sachet, 1 love bath oil,1 rose quartz crystal. Full instructions. Presented in a sturdy tin box.

~House Blessing Spell Kit: A perfect balance to help attract all the things that make up a happy home- love, prosperity, positive energy and good communication. This handmade spell kit contains a full ritual for you to first cleanse, and then invite positive energy into your new home. With instructions and ingredients, carefully selected to resonate with the intended purpose.

All handmade here in Canada!

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