Small Spell Kits by Madame Phoenix

$30.60 $36

Each kit contains: full instructions, handmade with herbs essential oils votive candle, handmade essential oil incense cones, handmade bath salt with herbs and essential oils and a crystal.

~Healing: Health and healing happens on every level of our beings- not only physical, but spiritual, emotional and mental. Work to infuse your aura and your life with strong, healthy energy! 

~Full Moon: Honour the magic power of the moon and tie your magical workings into the full moon's energies! 

~Circle of Protection:
Create a powerful aura of protection around yourself with this evocative blend of resins, herbs, oils and roots. Vegan, organic and made individually by hand using time honoured techniques.

~Road to Riches (Prosperity): includes an organic herbal prosperity sachet of bath salt, incense made from essential oils and resins, a handcrafted bayberry candle, a parchment talisman, and an Aventurine crystal.

These perfect little uncrossing spelkits are a self contained series of ritual work you can do when you feel like you’re pinned under a heavy burden by life; when you see your path being constantly blocked, interrupted and stalled; when you just know things should be flowing but outside negativity has been working at cross purposes to you. Clear it away!

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