Crystal Sprays by Madame Phoenix


Each one of our crystal sprays is handmade with our custom blend of essential oils and containing crystals for you to keep and work with after the spray is finished.


~Amethyst: Amethyst is wonderful for opening the higher chakras, enhancing dream vision and psychic work, spiritual protection and lucid dreaming. 

~Fluorite: Fluorite is a wonderful crystal for aligning heart with higher purpose, clearing mental fog and confusion, doing dream work and lifting negative mental patterns. 

~Rose Quartz: A wonderful balancer for the heart chakra, cleansing emotional baggage, attracting positive energy and helping to release past hurt, stress and pain- Promoting self-love, self-acceptance and whispering the wisdom of your true heart to you. It encourages co passion, empathy, emotional sensitivity and awareness, and acceptance of healthy change. 

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