Logosynthesis: Healing with Words


Coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists often use a range of approaches to help their clients solve their problems and achieve their goals. These approaches can make the healing process long, arduous and frustrating and demand considerable patience and persistence from clients and professionals alike.

Logosynthesis is a revolutionary method that helps guided change professionals to address clients’ pains with immediate effects. The elegant, efficient and easy-to-apply system draws on the power of words and enables ordinary people to use their own intentions to resolve upsetting emotional problems and achieve their life goals. Logosynthesis builds on transactional analysis, hypnotherapy, depth psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, Gestalt therapy and energy psychology and represents a major therapeutic advance.

Logosynthesis – Healing with Words is a comprehensive handbook for Logosynthesis’ application in professional contexts. It clearly outlines the assumptions and philosophy that lie behind the method and provides robust explanations of how best to treat various conditions. It also includes revealing case studies and transcripts of sessions with real clients.

Practitioners will return to Logosynthesis – Healing with Words time and again to draw from its extensive wisdom on helping clients to return their energy to flow and achieve their life tasks. Highly recommended for all guided change professionals who are interested in learning the innovative and empowering people.

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