Life of an Indigo


Sommer writes: To get to know and understand me, a person must be open-minded and non-judgmental. You see, I am not the typical person manifesting on earth to play the human mind games that are so common in society. I am not at all a mind-game player. I am here for a purpose, although that purpose is not completely clear to me at this point in time. I knew I was different from the start. Growing up in a family of six children, and being number three, my differences were quickly recognized. My parents were flower children in disguise, meaning they had the open-minded, peace-love-happiness attitude, but the professional need to keep appearances as more grounded individuals. When I was born, I took many by surprise until later when I learned to hide my differences as best as I could. Convinced for a while that I was insane because of my abilities and differences, I finally realized that I was saner and more grounded in reality than the majority of people in society today. This story is the story of me. This story is my perspective on life from the viewpoint. This is the way I see the world and how I experience the world. I hope someone will understand, and maybe then people will understand how painful the world is for me and those like me.

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