Liber Quantum


What is Occultism and how does it work? As opposed to Science, which is the systematic effort to develop a better understanding of our material existence, Occultism attempts to embrace the non-material, yet equally real dimension of consciousness and being. The Scientific Method deals with what can be objectively proven within a given context. The techniques of Occultism take the same basic experimental approach, but instead seek to reveal an understanding that is relevant in a broader sense. In other words, where the Scientist believes in exactitude and perfection, the Occultist comes to realize that perfection can only be realized by acknowledging how everything fits. This book is an attempt to present a perspective on Occultism sensible to the Technological Age. In plain language and utilizing a common sense approach, Liber Quantum has been written for those who would clearly recognize the validity of Occult Philosophy if they could have it presented to them in the practical and grounded fashion in which it was originally conceived. As a result, this is not a work promoting either fantasy or dogma, but rather a set of experiments showing how the Occult systems created long ago are an inner technology that can help us to better understand the deeper meaning of our lives here in the 21st Century.

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