Lazulite Tumbled


Lazulite’s high vibrational energy immediately directs itself to one’s third eye and activates their own unique psychic abilities. This powerful mineral helps us attune to higher vibrations and assists one in becoming more comfortable with this energy each day. Working with this stone will help one gain insight into their nightly dreams and understand what the purpose and meaning of them are. Lazulite will also help one “disconnect” from the physical realm and help one during times of astral projection during sleep or deep meditation. It provides comfort in these new and unknown experiences while raising one’s mental capacity to absorb higher knowledge from spirit beings. This knowledge is here to serve us on our life path and push our souls in the direction they truly want to go in. So often in this physical world does our brain do the thinking that it leaves our hearts and souls, which contain our purest emotions, to remain silent. Working with this stone repeatedly will allow one to bring the knowledge they’ve learned down to Earth, where it can then be used in the pursuit of one's goals and desires.

~Size: Approximately 1.5"-2"

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