Every Friday, Re-KALIBR8 inside a world of festival-like culture, atmosphere and psychedelic sound that breaks away from all the norms of the mainstream party scenes.

Our several-layered venue comes alive at night with thoughtfully curated music that flows through our high quality surround sound system.

✦ Featuring Djs spinning techno, organic house, bass, and psychill, always with our signature touch of psychedelia.

✦ Cozy plounge areas with a living-room like atmosphere.

✦ A delicious, health-inspired & non-alcoholic menu with traditional cacao, infused tea blends, smoothie elixirs, kombucha on tap, snacks, etc.

✦ Plant-based nutritious bowls, and organic in-house made desserts and treats

$10 in advance(until 8pm online) / before 9:30 (at the door)
$15 after 9:30


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