Jumping in Puddles: A Transformational Memoir

The intimate diary of a young woman navigating rebellion, boys, drugs, and spirituality—all the while fighting for her life. Jumping in Puddles is the true story of an adventurous spirit on the quest for meaning, one that takes her from teenage raves to meditation retreats, from hospital hallways to the Kabbalistic mountaintops of northern Israel. Chana records every twist and turn with raw honesty, threading moments of despair, connection, and newfound hope into an exploration of the soul. Chana has found her greatest act of teenage rebellion yet: becoming a Hasidic Jew. But just as she ventures on a trip to Israel, she is suddenly diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. As the treatment steals the life and body she once knew, Chana grapples with her newfound faith, finding strength and purpose in the journey, the people around her, and her determination to find light in moments of absolute darkness.

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