Iridescent Turgrite


Turgite is the name given to a mixture of iridescent Goethite and Hematite, but it's not actually valid mineral species. Perhaps some of the best known Turgite from any locality in the Western Hemisphere is Graves Mountain, Georgia. In addition to the fine Rutiles found at this locality you will see some very attractive Turgites. Their unique appearance and coloration make for some interesting pieces to say the least. This cabinet display specimen featuring radial / botryoidal growths along with amorphous forms of Goethite / Hematite that have a rain iridescence showing wonderful shades of pink, orange, yellow, aqua and purple all over. The associated minor Quartz makes for a nice touch, and despite a few contacts here and there, the piece is still in very good condition. It's hard to get your hands on nice cabinet Turgites like this from what is one of the top mineral localities in Georgia.

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